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By becoming an Ads Defender Affiliate, you have the chance to profit from the billion dollar anti-clickfraud industry. Registering as an Affiliate is done in seconds and comes with great perks.

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Being an Ads Defender Affiliate comes with perks

Ads Defender is a "up & running" tool that solves an "easy to explain but hard to solve" issue for everyone running Ads on Google. Therefore the market is huge and acquiring new leads is a bliss. Find out what we offer our affiliates:

Huge Market Potential

Basically everyone who runs Ads on Google can profit from Ads Defender. This leads to a huge market potential that is pretty much "hungry" for a solution.

25% Lifetime Commission

While other vendors pay a commission on new signups / purchases, Ads Defender pays a lifetime commission as long as your leads are using Ads Defender.

Your own Dashboard

Ads Defender Affiliates don't get paid out of a blackbox. Instead you will receive your own dashboard to view statistics, manage payouts and more.

Amazing coupons & offers

To truly convince your leads, Ads Defender provides you with exclusive offers and coupons that increase your conversion rate and your commission.