Clickfraud Protection by IP Blocking

Protect your campaigns from Clickfraud by blocking fraudulent IPs

Using our proprietary detection mechanism Ads Defender is able to analyze the paid traffic. Whenever certain technical or behavioural anomalies are detected, the IP adress of the click gets marked as unqualified. When using Clickfraud Protection, Ads Defender is going to automatically push the IPs of the unqualified traffic to the publisher. The IP then gets blocked and the source of unqualified traffic is unable to see Your ads - hence being able to click on them.

Clickfraud Protection requires a connected ad account and the integration of either:

a) our Ads Defender Tracking Template (recommended)
b) our Clickfraud Code Snippet, that can be compared to a conversion pixel that has to be installed on Your domain

Clickfraud Protection is only available with a paid plan.

Clickfraud Protection supports Google Search, Display and Shopping Campaigns with subtype "standard"

Your competitor might already use Ads Defender to protect their campaigns. When do you start protecting yours?

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