Domain Health Monitoring

Ads Defender keeps on checking the availability of your websites, every minute, 24/7. If the application detects any website availability issues, it will automatically pause all of your Ads campaigns, thus preventing your clients from reaching a malfunctioning website.

  • you are not wasting your money on ineffective advertising
  • your reputation among clients stays intact
  • you maintain a good Google Ads Quality Score which means less money spent on advertising

Ads Defender monitors your website 24/7. Every single minute. It verifies whether the website is working properly for smooth, trouble- free use. Should the first verification attempt fail, Ads Defender will repeat the check twice in a short period of time. This way we can be certain that the problem is not temporary.

Real-time Domain Monitoring is available after configuring a domain in the set up process. Additional Domains can be added in the tool.

Domain Health Monitoring supports all types of campaigns.

Check Your Campaigns for free & find out how much You waste on clickfraud.

Check Your Campaigns for free