Domain Health Protection

Automatically pause your ads accounts while having website downtimes.

Ads Defender keeps on checking the availability of your websites, every minute, 24/7. If the application detects any website availability issues, it will automatically pause all of your Ads campaigns, thus preventing your clients from reaching a malfunctioning website.

  • you are not wasting your money on ineffective advertising
  • your reputation among clients stays intact
  • you maintain a good Google Ads Quality Score which means less money spent on advertising

If Ads Defender is detecting an outage of Your Domain, all Campaigns will be paused within minutes to avoid unnecessary ad spend. This is particularily valuable when page downtimes occur during night time or other times when no one notices them.

Real-time Domain Protection is available after configuring a domain in the set up process. Additional Domains can be added in the tool. To use Domain Health Protection a paid plan is required.

Domain Health Monitoring supports all types of campaigns.

Join our users and protect your campaigns from unqualified clicks that burn through your budget.

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