Link Health Monitoring

Detect slow or unreachable links in your ads campaigns which are draining your budget.

When links that are placed in ads or products are defective or extensively slow users may bounce off or quit their customer journey. This actively ruins your return on adspend and may cause in wrong decisions when optimizing your campaigns. Since no one has time to check every link in every ad or product multiple times per day, Link Checking by Ads Defender does this job for you. Ads Defender verifies links in your ads, keywords and products on an ongoing basis, throughout your entire Ads Account. The links are verified in real time, and the application will send out email alerts whenever a broken link is found.

  • you will quickly identify broken links and only display campaigns with correct links
  • you are not wasting money on campaigns that will bring no conversion value
  • you are protecting client relationships and your reputation
  • you maintain a good Google Ads Quality Score which means less money spent on advertising

Ads Defender is monitoring the accuracy of links in your advertisements throughout the entire campaign's lifetime. The links that are being verified are extracted from your campaigns (ads, keywords) as well as from Google Merchant Center products.

Ads Defender is continuously verifying the accuracy of these links, checking whether they are working and that users are able to enter the linked page. If the app does detect any irregularities, link errors (e.g. 404, 500 HTTP response codes) etc., you will be sent an email alert notifying you about the broken links. You can quickly verify them and apply the necessary corrections.

Link Health Monitoring is automatically active as soon as You connect an Account to Ads Defender. The feature is monitoring only and has no active mode to switch on or off.

Link Health Monitoring is supported very widely on Ads Defender. It is available for Google and Bing Campaigns.

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