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Learn all about Clickfraud on Google Ads.

In our regular online session we are diving deeply into the topic of clickfraud, unqualified traffic and its sources. We are talking about the motivation behind committing clickfraud and why clickfraud is still a growing performance threat for advertisers.

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I. What is Clickfraud?

10 Minutes

Learn about the topic itself, its enormous scale and about the main motivations behind committing clickfraud. You will understand who commits clickfraud and why they are doing it.

II. Example Scenarios

15 Minutes

You will be guided through 4 different examples and scenarios and learn to identify the different sources of clickfraud and unqualified traffic. We will also go into context of the respective impact towards your performance.

III. What Google does about it

5 Minutes

Learn about the different meassurements that are being done by Google to counteract the issue of clickfraud. We will also explain why the actions done by Google are currently insufficient to solve the problem.

IV. About Ads Defender

10 Minutes

We will give you a brief introduction to Ads Defender and how we stop unqualified traffic from ruining your performance.
+ added Live-Demo of the tool itself

V. Next Steps

5 Minutes

After the online session you will be rewarded a small surprise and find out how to protect your campaigns from clickfraud with Ads Defender.

About this event

This sign-up only online session is taylor made to the needs and urges of Google Ads advertisers running campaigns on the search, shopping or display network. After attending this event our attendees will know about the clickfraud industry, the different "faces" of clickfraud, the motivation behind committing clickfraud and more.

To keep the pace and density high, we are using interactive elements mixed with insightful theory. Hereby we ensure efficient ways to always respond to the questions of the audience, either by private chat or by the coach personally.
Lukas from Ads Defender

Lukas is working for Ads Defender as product evangelist and will guide you through our online sessions.