What is unqualified traffic?

In case you never heard of unqualified traffic, you may want to find out what unqualified traffic is and how it drains your advertising budget.

Who is draining your ads budget?


Often competitors check the ads, promotions and pages of their industry and cause massive amounts of unwanted traffic, which you still have to pay for.


In certain regions of the world ad clicks can be bought with ridiculously low costs. Criminal networks use those click farms to generate fraudulent profit - from your precious budget.


Bots still make up a huge part of the billion dollar clickfraud industry. They are used for generating fraudulent profits for those operating them - at the expense of your ads performance.

Browser Extensions

Some browser extensions from the "ad block" industry, not only block ads, but click on them to make the advertisers pay. This makes regular, genuine users responsible for unwanted traffic - without them knowing.

Suspicious Placements

It is still common for website operators using scripts to boost their profit by clicking on the ads you run there. And often publishers can't control the placements properly. When have you checked your placements the last time?

Fraudulent Apps

Especially on 3rd party App Stores, fraudulent apps lure kids to earn virtual coins or goodies by clicking on ads inside the app. And chances are high that your ads showed there once in a while, burning through your budget.

"Since we know about our clickfraud volume, we are happy to use Ads Defender to save our budget."

Christian Radermacher
Managing Director

"At SantéVet, we extensively tested the Ads Defender tool on Google's search and display network. By avoiding fraudulent clicks, we achieved a conversion uplift of 12% using A/B testing. We feel well protected and use the freed-up budget for further acquisition channels."

Franziska Trenz
Country Manager Germany