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Find out everything about Ads Defender, unqualified Traffic and our solution to it.

About unqualified traffic

Does Google prevent unqualified clicks?

Google protects ad accounts by default with their "invalid click" metric for which clicks advertisers are not billed. But unqualified traffic can be much more...

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Are my ads subject to unqualified traffic?

Approximately 90% of all Google Ads Accounts are moderately or severely subject to unqualified traffic. But it all depends on your industry...

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What is unqualified traffic?

Unqualified traffic is usually referred to as traffic via paid advertising from sources that not driving value to the advertiser.

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Using Ads Defender

What is "Active Protection"?

Active Protection is the mode of operation in which Ads Defender actively protects your campaigns from unqualified traffic by blocking unqualified users by IP.

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What is IP Anonymization?

Using IP Anonymization, Ads Defender will block multiple IPs with a single slot. This may result in a much more aggressive behavior...

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Understanding unqualified traffic

Ads Defender provides you with more than just a single KPI. Instead we are intelligently segmenting the unqualified traffic...

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How to install the Ads Defender tracking?

The Ads Defender tracking is needed for Ads Defender to properly analyze your traffic and to effectively identify unqualified clicks.

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How to connect a new ad account to Ads Defender

To connect a new ad account to Ads Defender, simply open the account selector in the left bar and select "add new account".

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