Discover full clickfraud protection. In realtime.

Ads Defender protects Google Ads Accounts from fraudulent clicks in realtime and with a focus on performance sensitivity. Discover the easiest way to eliminate clickfraud forever.

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Clickfraud Monitoring:

Ads Defender scans each interaction with your ads and decides if a click is valid or seems unqualified.

Precise rule system to determine unqualified clicks & placements

Technical and behavioural analysis

Synchronisation with publisher data

Sophisticated internal scoring & rating system

Clickfraud Protection

If a click source is clearly unqualified, Ads Defender will precisely block the source of the click to protect your budget.

Automatic IP blocking by API (realtime)

Automatic Placement blocking by API (realtime)

Intelligent whitelisting mechanisms to protect valuable users from being blocked

Precision blocking to maintain performance

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Why advertisers prefer Ads Defender:

Realtime Protection

Unlike most solutions which are connected to your tag manager to built exclusion lists, Ads Defender directly blocks unqualified sources inside your Google Ads Account. In realtime and fully automatic.

IPs & Placements

Ads Defender does not only block unqualified users through their IP, but also finds fake placements on your display campaigns - and blocks them in realtime to protect your performance.

Approved by Google

Most solutions are manually integrated which makes onboarding slow and increases your time consumption. Ads Defender is approved by Google and integrates with a single click via a simple OAuth integration.

Dynamic Whitelisting

Our highest priority are your customers and leads. Therefore Ads Defender provides a dynamic whitelisting event so you can precisely control which users should never be blocked.

Visually simplified

We believe in the power of simplicity. This is why Ads Defender, being as powerful as it is, shows you the relevant data in visually simplified dashboards and analytics that just feel great to use.

GDPR Compliance

Protecting yourself from clickfraud is your express right and Ads Defender helps you to achieve this, while maintaining full GDPR compliance and support for your data protection.

Compatible with your existing campaigns, tools and tech stack.

Ads Defender is built by marketers for marketers and covers a wide variety of campaigns, networks, tools and ecosystems.

Say Good Bye to cluttered, boring dashboards & insights.

Because we know how confusing and complicated cluttered dashboards and insights are, Ads Defender shows you deep insights, but visually simplified. Protecting your campaigns is effort-less and done by the blink of an eye.

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